• School Leader: Patrick Berg

    Patrick Berg is co-founder of McCall Community School. Patrick Berg has over 20 years in education including classroom, special education, alternative school, and school leadership. Patrick Berg is passionate about educating the whole child and working with teachers to help them transition to a mastery, personalized approach so a students can be successful in their chosen pathways. Patrick Berg brings strength to McCall Community School with his drive and vision for providing students better learning opportunities as well as his experience leading schools through shifts in educational practices, including mastery and place-based.

  • Director of Academics & Student Affairs: Jenny Schon

    Dr. Schon is co-founder of McCall Community School. Dr. Schon has 12 years of experience in education in both a traditional classroom setting and in outdoor education. Dr. Schon has taught secondary science, graduate education courses, and a range of electives at the middle school and high school levels. She has also served as both a Technology Director and Gifted and Talented Director for a K-12 school. Along with experience on a non-profit board, research experience and curriculum development for the University of Idaho and a background in field research, Dr. Schon brings strength to McCall Community School in her background in curriculum and student agency development as well her experience designing place-based education lessons and training educators on the implementation of place based education.


  • Bruce Schultz, Board Chair:

    Mr Schultz has over 47 years of experience in education in both K-12 and collegiate education. Mr. Schultz has also been a founder of a previous school and worked in non-traditional settings as well as traditional. He has worked intimately with adult students that require a different learning model and has seen first hand the benefits of rich, authentic hands-on learning. Mr. Schultz brings to the board a breadth of experience that is both refreshing and a well-seasoned approach to community building and school development.

  • Jonas Bean, Treasurer:

    Mr. Bean has experience in outdoor education, school leadership, classroom education, business ownership, non-profit education board management and is also a structure fire fighter. His wide range of experience and connections within the community helps to unite the vision of the community school.

  • Sandra Schultz, Secretary:

    Mrs. Schultz has over 35 years of of experience in education including elementary classroom, administration, professional development, and district coaching. Mrs. Schultz has served as a school administrator in Idaho, Montana, and Washington. She provided leadership at the district and state levels, rounding out an integrated career in education. Mrs. Schultz brings a balanced perspective to student needs and school development along with her valuable time in education.

  • Tessa Soutar:

    Ms. Soutar has years of experience in both traditional and non-traditional educational settings including both educational training and experience in place-based outdoor education. Ms. Soutar is a local business owner of an outdoor retail and gear store in McCall and therefore has direct business related experience that will benefit the operation of a non-profit. Ms. Soutar also has experience working with educational boards and extensive experience with developing curriculum and school management.

  • Jeremy Humphrey:

    Mr. Humphrey has a background in law as a previous lawyer in Colorado. Currently Mr. Humphrey owns his own business as a personal running coach, directs long-distance races, and is a sponsored distance trail runner. Mr. Humphrey brings a drive and dedication to the board from his background in law and his appreciation of the outdoor environment specific to McCall.