Executive Summary

The McCall Community School is a public charter school with an emphasis on mastery-based education and personalized learning through the lens of place-based curriculum. In an effort to offer the families in the McCall area a choice in their education, the McCall Community School provides a unique approach to education by capitalizing on the rich opportunities beyond the school walls to provide the context of the curriculum while also focusing on meeting students at their learning levels with personalized learning plans to drive their educational progress. The use of mastery-based education will allow students to advance to the next level within a topic at their pace, creating a fluid structure to grade levels. Students will have the opportunity to become creative problem solvers and self-driven leaders as they become the drivers of their education. The McCall Community School aims to bring the community into the classroom and the students into the community, fostering bonds beyond the school and providing rich, real-world learning opportunities. McCall Community School will honor grade levels as learning cohorts, but will create a learning environment in which flexible grouping between grade levels allows students to work at their learning level for a subject or topic. The use of place-based curriculum also allows students to work on relevant, cross-curricula, content-rich projects that allow for deep learning opportunities to expand with a student’s learning level for any given subject.

Mission Statement

The mission of the McCall Community School is to inspire curiosity, engagement, and leadership through transformative place-based education.


We envision the region as our classroom with students engaging in a unique combination of personalized learning and community impact projects through a deep commitment to addressing local, regional, and global challenges. Student outcome expectations include increased levels of community engagement, academic proficiency, creative problem solving, and leadership.